Hotel Brandan awarded Green Key

Hotel Brandan is the first hotel and conference venue in the Faroe Islands to be awarded Green Key certification. 

Green Key is the international eco-label of the tourist industry. Hotel Brandan aimed for this recognition from the outset.  

‘Future clients will be more conscious of buying from suppliers that are environmentally aware. So it was decisive for us to obtain this certification,’ comments Pætur Trónd Thomsen, Hotel Director at Smyril Line. 

Hotel Brandan was designed with its local identity in mind; Faroese culture and Faroese art have shaped the whole concept. But Smyril Line also wanted to offer its guests a sustainable stay in a sustainable environment. 

‘We think we have been quite successful in reaching our goals,’ says Pætur Trónd Thomsen.

In order to meet the Green Key criteria, Hotel Brandan has established systems to separate all its waste streams and monitor any food waste. In order to minimise energy use, the hotel has installed district heating, fitted energy saving equipment and LED lights only. Moreover, all its windows are triple glazed. 

The hotel only offers the superb Faroese tap water, rather than bottled water. No single-use tableware is on the premises, and the soap in its guest rooms is 100 per cent environmentally certified. Another unique feature is that the room key cards are made from bamboo. They are also FSC certified, which means that for each bamboo plant used, a new one is planted.  

‘In addition, we always try to support innovations that can secure a sustainable future,’ Pætur Trónd Thomsen adds. The Director is referring to the fact that, beyond meeting the Green Key requirements, Hotel Brandan has electric cars and charging docks. ‘It is probably only a matter of time, before this becomes a requirement,’ he notes. 

Pætur Trónd Thomsen, Hotel Director at Smyril Line, has a fervent wish that, ‘It should feel good to have a cup of organic coffee at Hotel Brandan taking in the view of the green, enduring town park.’ 

For comments or questions, you are welcome to contact Pætur Trónd Thomsen at +298 788 744.