Environmental policy

Hotel Brandan in Tórshavn is constantly raising the bar for its eco-friendly policies and striving to minimise its environmental footprint. In September 2020 we achieved the Green Key certification – the hospitality industry’s international eco label. It is awarded to hospitality businesses that go the extra mile to protect the environment. 

In addition to Green Key, we focus on supporting local initiatives like Rudda Føroyar, the Faroese instalment of World Cleanup Day. It brings together local volunteers to free Faroese nature from rubbish and litter. 

Every time we need replacements or refurbishment at our hotel, we make a conscious effort to incorporate new green measures building on our robust sustainable foundation, in line with the Green Key criteria. 

Our objective is to continually optimise our routines and procedures, alongside our products and services. In order to reduce our environmental impact:

• any new technical installations must be in line with the Green Key mindset,
• all our existing and future products must be environmentally friendly,
• we are seeking active partnerships with community organisations working for the environment,
• we have set up a shared staff suggestion box for eco-friendly ideas.