Joint Environmental Policy for Hotel Brandan and Hotel Hafnia

At Hotel Brandan and Hotel Hafnia, we are passionate about not only providing our guests with exceptional hospitality but also safeguarding the environment for future generations. Our sister hotels, situated in the heart of Tórshavn, share a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly policies. We are proud to be Green Key certified - a status that has earned 'GSTC-recognition' - and ardently support local initiatives that protect the natural beauty of the Faroe Islands.

Green Key Certification

Both Hotel Brandan and Hotel Hafnia have been awarded the Green Key certification, an international eco-label granted to businesses that exceed standards in environmental responsibility and sustainable operation 
within the tourism industry. As a testament to our commitment, Hotel Brandan received this distinction in 
September 2020, followed by Hotel Hafnia in March 2022. 

In earning this certification, we adhere to stringent criteria across thirteen areas. These include 
environmental education, energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and sustainable food 
services, among others. Many of these criteria are imperative and must be in compliance, while others are 
guideline criteria, which we strive to fulfil depending on our years of involvement in the Green Key 

Local Initiatives and Community Partnerships

We understand that true environmental impact extends beyond our premises. Both hotels actively support 
Rudda Føroyar, the Faroese instalment of World Clean-up Day, a global initiative mobilising volunteers to rid nature of litter. We also actively seek partnerships with local community organisations dedicated to 
environmental causes, strengthening our commitment to sustainability on a broader scale.

Sustainable Practices and Procedures

We aim to continually optimise our routines and procedures to reduce our environmental footprint. Every 
refurbishment or replacement undertaken in either hotel is an opportunity to incorporate new eco-friendly 
measures. These actions align with the Green Key mindset, promoting responsible consumption and 
reducing waste.

• All technical installations, existing and future, adhere to Green Key principles.
• Products used in our hotels are environmentally friendly and selected with sustainability in mind.
• We encourage our staff to share eco-friendly ideas through a shared suggestion box, fostering a culture of
sustainability and innovation.

Future Outlook

Our vision for the future is rooted in the continuation of these practices and an unwavering dedication to 
sustainable tourism. We pledge to remain dynamic in our approach, adapting to new technologies and 
practices that further reduce our environmental impact. 

By staying at Hotel Brandan or Hotel Hafnia, our guests become part of this commitment to sustainability. 
Together, we can make a difference and ensure the beauty and health of our environment for generations to 
come. We are excited to share this journey with you and look forward to welcoming you to our eco-friendly hotels in Tórshavn.

For a comprehensive understanding of the principles that guide our operations, we invite you to read the 
attached document: "Green Key Criteria and Explanatory Notes for Hotels & Hostels, valid from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2025". This document provides an in-depth explanation of the standards we meet to maintain our Green Key certification, reflecting our pledge to uphold these guidelines in our journey towards sustainable hospitality.

Green Key criteria and explanatory notes