Sales assistants
Sunniva Arge Sales & Revenue Manager Sunniva Arge Tlf. 30 92 91
Marjun Falkvard Danberg Sales & Booking Marjun Falkvard Danberg Tlf. 30 92 92
Brian V. Joensen Sales Apprentice Brian V. Joensen Tlf. 30 92 94
Restaurant Húsagarður
Rannvá Beder Chef Manager Rannvá Beder
Ólavur í Búrstovu Restaurant Manager & Wine Waiter Ólavur í Búrstovu
+298 239245
Pætur Trónd Thomsen Hotel Director Pætur Trónd Thomsen Tlf. 78 87 44
Rógvi Mikkelsen Hotel Manager Rógvi Mikkelsen Tlf. 23 92 00

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