A visit to Hotel Brandan is about more than world-class service, it is also a unique art experience. 

The striking pieces in bold colours created by Faroese artist Edward Fuglø for Hotel Brandan are an integral part of the hotel’s concept. 

Our reception is adorned with the large-scale painting Landmark, an explosion of light and colour with a freshly sprung daisy at its heart. Faroese animal heads and mountains float around the dewy summer guest, like multi-coloured meteorites orbiting a planet holding together a shape evoking a map of the Faroe Islands.  

One synonym of the word ‘landmark’ is cairn, varði in Faroese. Each of Hotel Brandan’s rooms is named after a Faroese cairn in celebration of 124 Faroese landmarks. 

The cairn is a distinctive feature of the Faroese mountain fields. Stacked stones on the horizon are ancient signposts cherished by generations. A host of tales bear testimony to travellers saved by cairns after loosing their way in deep mist or snowstorms.  

A reproduction of Edward Fuglø’s eye-catching work adorns the walls above the bed in each room. The image in your room will reveal the location of the cairn it is named after. A guide for you to discover secret pathways along old tracks and find your own little happy place in the Faroe Islands.